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Photon Workshops

We provide Photon workshops to educational institutes around Singapore. Our workshops aim to promote holistic learning and development through the integration of coding and non-coding subjects. Some of the concepts the students will learn include – sequencing, loops, conditions, debugging, functions, story-telling, mathematics, science, and more

Each workshop will teach and instil computational thinking and problem solving skills as the students experiment through a variety of activities with Photon. 

The goal is to influence the younger generation to take on a more active and engaging mindset as they interact with technologies of today and of the future. Combining early academic knowledge and coding skills will help in forming their abilities for lifelong learning.


Schedule a Photon Demonstration

For schools to include quality STEM education, it is important to understand that teachers are important persons within a student’s talent development. It can however be a little daunting for new teachers to pick up a new STEM robot. 

To help assist with that, you can schedule for a hands-on demonstration. We will bring Photon to your centre, explain and have you try out Photon for yourself!

Schedule a demonstration or find out more about about the workshops today!

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